Recipient positive testing

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    Posted 07-06-2020 10:02
    Dear All,

    I would be very grateful to hear opinions regarding assays that people are using and different programs experience with testing potential recipients for COVID-19 at time of transplant. We have a case of a 43 year old woman with CF that got COVID-19 and required intubation in March. She was negative on Flow flex and Gene Xpert on BAL in May and was reactivated for lung transplant. On 12th of June, she was called for lung transplant and NP swab on Gene Xpert was positive and CT PCR value was 35 and it was decided that the lung transplant could not be done given the positive result and the risk to surgical and operating room staff.

    Subsequent repeat Gene Xpert NP swabs are positive with high CT values of 42 but Flow flex BAL and NP testing are negative.
    Would appreciate opinions on what people thought on when patients should be relisted and criteria for same and if any other transplant group has faced similar issues.

    Many thanks,
    Michelle Murray

    Michelle Murray MD MSc
    Transplant Respiratory Physician