COVID-19 Stress Scale (scoring)

  • 1.  COVID-19 Stress Scale (scoring)

    Posted 10-29-2020 18:11
    Dear Colleagues
    I am looking for someone who is familiar with the COVID-19 Stress Scale designed by Taylor et al to measure COVID-related anxiety and distress. (Taylor S, Landry CA, Paluszek MM, Fergus TA, McKayd D & Asmundson GJG. Development and initial validation of the COVID Stress Scales.

    J of Anxiety Disorders. 72. 2020, 102232). The only citation I can find is this one by Taylor which describes the development and psychometric evaluation of the tool in great detail but there is no description of how to score the tool or whether there are cut-off thresholds. I cannot locate any other studies that report findings using this tool, although it is one of the tools recommended on the NIH website to assess COVID stress.
    Thanks in advance for any information, Annette

    Annette DeVito Dabbs
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