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  • Current COVID-19 recommendations
  • Prevention of COVID-19 infection in transplant recipients
  • Management of transplant recipients COVID-19 infection, including decisions regarding immunosuppression
  • Donor evaluation and selection strategies, including donor testing algorithms
  • Waitlist management for transplant candidates including the safety of desensitization protocols and temporary inactivation

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    RE: COVID-19 LuTx

    We have had one case in a lung transplant recipient thus far. The patient had bilateral lung txp in 2005 with chronic rejection. He was diagnosed about a week ago and thus far is asymptomatic (has unchanged baseline SOB). He was diagnosed as his wife ...

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    RE: COVID-19 LuTx

    To date, we have had 3 COVID-19 infections in our lung transplant patients. Our first was 1 week post-transplant and developed severe respiratory and renal failure. We tried HCQ and azithro without much improvement. She eventually improved with supportive ...